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What to Do After a Road Accident The moment after an accident is usually overwhelming and confusing for most people. The common occurrence of accidents should be a reason for you to understand what to do and not to do especially if you are a frequent driver. We will focus on what you should not do because this is what most people neglect. Avoid calling your insurance company immediately The state you are likely to be in after an accident is one of confusion, anger, and instability, which will affect your thoughts and actions. The result is that your thoughts are not going to be in order meaning you cannot account for every word you utter during this stage. For the start, this action may not seem to affect you negatively but can be crippling if the insurer chooses to use it against you. The best thing therefore would be to avoid talking to any of their agents and adjusters no matter how kind and caring they pose because all they are interested in is to get their job done without costing their companies a lot of money.
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Never ignore filing police reports
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Police reports are the indicators that the accident occurred. Do not assume that the accident is too insignificant to be recorded hence make time to visit the police station even if it is not immediately. You do not have to put off an important meeting especially if the accident is not a minor one but this should also not mean you neglect to file a report with the police later on. The important thing is not to neglect it as this may have far-reaching implications for your case later on. Never let witnesses leave without collecting their contacts While it is very easy to forget, asking witnesses for contacts try your best not to make that mistake. You have no guarantee if your case will go to court, which may mean calling witnesses to the stand. You can request for business cards instead of having to carry around illegible contacts on a piece of paper as long as you have a way of reaching your contacts you are good to go. Do not dwell on police photos alone It should be your responsibility to get the accident on tape or pictures. It helps if you take pictures of any injuries and damages on the car. do this before going to the hospital or taking your car for repairs. You will simplify your attorney’s task of proving the extent of damages if you have a tangible piece of evidence like photos or pictures.



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