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Some Information on Using Topamax If a woman gets pregnant, then it is important that one is really extra careful particularly when it comes to taking any kind of medicine. You should know that whatever the woman is taking, then this can always affect the child’s condition. The FDA warned the public about the use of Topamax because this was discovered to cause birth defects among children and could result to cleft palate. When you are not aware about how the cleft palate develops, then you must realize that this kind of facial deformity actually occurs while the baby is in the mother’s womb. When one has cleft palate, there are certain facial parts with spaces instead of being fused. There are problems that usually emerge from such situation. Even if this doesn’t affect the health of the child, this can surely affect the psychological condition of the child. Cleft palate doesn’t only affect the child’s psychological condition but also the manner of feeding and also the child’s speech. The child with kind of condition can face a big problem in one’s treatment. This is because of the fact that the baby is not able to stand the operation that one must go through to address the problem and fuse the separated facial parts. The doctors suggest that the baby should reach ten years old first before the surgery will be performed. Cleft palate is one of the birth defects that a baby may suffer when a pregnant woman uses Topamax. This kind of medication is actually used for preventing seizures. This is one type of anticonvulsant drug. You must also understand that there are other dangerous side effects caused by this drug aside from this birth defect.
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The Food and Drug Administration has approved this drug and this medication has been quite helpful. There are so many of those who were able to benefit from using the product so it is a big problem when this would be taken out of the market. Hence, people need to be informed about the birth defect warning label. By doing so, the children can be saved from getting a cleft palate.
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You should know that if this drug caused a problem to you and your baby, then you have to fight for your right. Understand that there are legal compensations that should be provided to those who suffered from the use of this drug. You can contact a Topamax cleft lip attorney in order to get the help that you need and also to get the compensations that must be provided to you from suffering from this drug. There is a free consultation that you can get from the Topamax lawyer to know more about this.



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