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3 Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Attorney When you get involved in an accident, working with an attorney is crucial. The lawyer will ensure the party responsible for the accident compensates you for your losses. Moreover, the attorney can help in determining which party is responsible for the accident. The attorney can gather evidence from the scene of the accident and other places to support your case. You will come across different lawyers that will be willing to help you with the accident case. However, it is not just any attorney that will be right for your case. You need to find a competent lawyer that has specifically handled accident cases like yours in the past. There are many attorneys that will fit this criterion. To find out the best lawyer to hire, you need to ask some questions. You should know who to hire from the attorneys by looking at their answers. Ask the attorneys the following questions: i) What mode of communication do you prefer? Find out what means of communication you can use to get the lawyer. Some lawyers will prefer you call or email them while some may want you to visit their offices. The time you want to communicate is also important. For example, some lawyer may have a strict policy of not taking client calls outside of office hours. You will know what to expect when working with the attorney depending on the mode of communication that is preferred.
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ii) Can I speak to some of the clients you have worked with in the past? Find out whether the lawyer has worked with clients in your area that you can meet in person or call. The clients that the attorney refers you to should help you understand the capability of the attorney, personality and other attributes that may be important to you. While some clients will request the attorney to keep their information private, others will not mind providing reviews or testimonials to would-be clients.
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Ask the past clients about their experience while working with the lawyer. Make sure you ask about what the clients think of the attorney’s capability and professionalism. iii) Have you worked on cases like mine in the past? No two accident cases are exactly the same. However, some similarities may be evident between accidents, for instance with regards to the parties involved. The attorney should be familiar with your case and preferably have handled other similar ones in the past. Apart from this, the lawyer should have a string of successes in helping accident victims win large settlements. An attorney that has been involved in similar accident cases in the past will be experienced and know the challenges to anticipate when filing your claim. You can determine which attorney to hire after considering the answers that will be given to the above questions.



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