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Tips to Being Better at Golf If you want to play golf the right way, you have to follow the right moves and make correct choices. While this is true, most people who are passionate about the game do not follow. However, you can make your fate by following simple rules of the game. In this article, we have discussed some of the necessary pointers you can follow to do so. Make sure you know your weak areas in the game. Look at what pro golfers major on to become the best. You can do this by looking at their statistics in the game. Thereafter, you have to compare that with yours. This will give you a clear understanding on what you should work on. After you have established your weak areas, you should work on them to improve on your skill. Make sure you do the right thing in your practice sessions. Most people flop in playing golf because they lack the skill involved in aligning the clubface. With this, you have to assess the target from behind since it determines the direction you want to swing. Aim your body towards the right direction. Thereafter, make sure you adopt the right body posture that includes a small step with your left foot and a large step with your right foot. Assuming this posture, you will definitely have the ball in the proper position for hitting.
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Make sure you get a grip of the clubface control. Once you have mastered your stance, you need to get a hand on the clubface control. Actually, the swing is the main component of a true player and it differentiates the boys from men. Make sure you have a firm grip on the golf club and then work on the rotation of your body. Do this a couple of times to get a grip of things.
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Work on your torso movements. The purpose of doing this is to learn how to generate power with your torso rotation. In that case, in order to make the right backswing, you have to twist your torso the right way. Your left shoulder should preferably be close to your right leg, more than your left. Then when you make the swing, ensure that your right shoulder is close to your left leg. Build on your putting skill. Pro golfers spend considerable time with it and you should too. Make sure you master how it is done since it is more than just a light swing Try putting from 6 feet and in for most of your exercises. Practice this skill from 6 feet and in. Even if you will not get a grip of the technique like the pros, you might learn a thing or two about it that might come in handy in a game.



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