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Simple Guidelines on Improving Your Golf Putting Skills Putting is by far the most personalized stroke in golf. Whether you are a beginner or a professional golfer, practicing your putting technique is very crucial. You will find that most professional golfers with experience regularly practice putting whenever they have the chance. Everyone playing golf wants to be perfect when it comes to making a good putt. With good practice, you will learn to perfect your technique over time. Below are some important tips that you should consider if you want to putt like a pro. Have a reliable putting grip before deciding on an appropriate technique to use. The type of grip you use greatly determines how well you can make a putt. Most golfers use a customized overlapping grip or cross-handed grip for their strokes. If your wrist bends when hitting the ball, the cross-handed grip would be best for you. It is also advisable to practice the right posture before making a putt. It is important to maintain a still and relaxed body if you want to putt well. However, your arms should be able to move freely. Learn about the right ball position. You should learn how to place the ball appropriately before making a putt. A good way to start off is by positioning the ball in line and ensuring that is centrally placed. What you don’t want is to throw your shoulders out of alignment by having the ball too far forward. You also don’t want to hit down on the out by placing the ball too far backward. If you do this, the ball will jump into the air making it challenging to maintain consistency in distance control. Do regular practice on your putting stroke so as to have better distance control. Although learning how to make a hole is crucial, you need to be focused on knowing how to roll the ball perfectly on the green. Do regular stroke practice at varying distances. Choose between the pendulum and arc stroke for your practice routine. The easier to master is the pendulum stroke that you can perfect to gain more consistency in your putting technique. The pace of your stroke should also be practiced so as enable you to make a confident putt.
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To make sure that you perfect your skills, ensure that you come up with a reliable putting routine at the golf course. This should include different stages of reading the green, making sure you have proper alignment, having a few practice strokes and finally making the putt. Once you have a proper routine to follow, you will be more focused on your game and spend less time thinking of missed putts. Golfers who practice extensively on how to improve their putting skills end up gaining more confidence and making fewer mistakes in their game.The Art of Mastering Options



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