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Elder Law And Its Three Major Categories Medicine has become one of the most progressive fields today. This is why there is an increasing population among the elders. And because of this, there is now a bigger demand for the elder law. Elder law is a field where the issue mainly revolve about the needs of the senior citizens. Addressing the demand for this issue is a must. In elder law, there are 3 major categories. These are the categories where the problems of the elders fall into place. Estate planning and administration is the first category, the health issues relatable to Medicaid, disability and long term care is the second one and the last one is the conservatorship or guardianship of the elders are the three categories. Estate planning – whatever your financial status may be, managing the estate is a difficult task to do alone. Hiring the professional to help you out is going to be helpful. It is pressed on that the estate goes to whom the elder chooses. This is the only assurance that the elder will get when he passes away. The process will be smooth if you have an estate planner to help you out. When an elder is about to pass away, he or she always wants to make sure that his kin are going to be secured. This also includes any questions about tax. Medicaid, disability and long term care – Medicaid is a program funded by the state to support those people who belong to the low income earners. The elders also belong in this coverage. You may use Medicaid as another health insurance. With the older generation needing for more medical assistance, it is important that these help are put into place. For the elders who can’t do things on their own anymore, round the clock care is needed. If this is the case, most elders need the disability plan or the long term care plan.
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Guardianship, conservatorship and commitments – by law, a guardian or a conservator is required when an elder loses his or her ability to rationally think. This person is going to stand in behalf of the elder’s estate. The conservator is also in charge of the everyday decisions of the elderly. The court is also allowed to appoint someone, particularly a lawyer if there is no guardian or conservator willing to step up.
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Since there are more and more older people today, we need to address their needs as well. Very soon, there will be a need for more elder law attorneys. Since the three major categories are too vast, there will be a need for more practitioners to explore the field soon.



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