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Common Misconceptions on Scholarships A good number of students apply for scholarships. Even so, a significant count of interested students are locked out of the process every time due to their failure to apply. Most of those left out miss the chance because of myths and misconceptions surrounding scholarships awards. The following are some of the common misconceptions heard of today from different places. Only high academic performers qualify for scholarship Unlike what people believe, scholarships are awarded to both high and average performing students. Furthermore, some scholarships are merit based either due to talent or due to interest. Some of the common talents and activities that attract scholarships include community work, sports excellence, music and arts among other things. Furthermore, even when the GPA aspect is used in the application process it is only one part of the process. After all some scholarships only need applicants to attain a minimum score whereby any changes in a student’s grade will not impact the scholarship award.
The Essentials of Scholarships – Revisited
You need to participate in numerous co-curricular activities to qualify
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Just as it is in most aspects of life, winning a scholarship banks on quality more than it does on quantity. The applicant is better off with a few meaningful activities than taking art in numerous activities that he or she can hardly identify with. The scholarship needs you to communicate your inner self through the activities that you are part of instead of a list of valueless activities. Scholarship contests are fair for all This could not be any false because scholarship contest are full of varied biases. This does not mean that the judgment is unfair but it only translates to the fact that the subject process of valuing certain qualities over others tilts the playing field far from level. Applying for scholarships is like applying to college This is another myth that is commonly put forth. The truth is that scholarship applications are more competitive in nature as they require applicants to fight for the few available slots head on as opposed to college applications that could have more slots for students. As a result, scholarship applications favor those students that are creative and bright enough to create projects that set them apart from the rest of the ordinary students with no initiative. Your scholarship award rests on previous record of accomplishment Remember that what you do after applying for the scholarship carries similar weight as what you did before. This is not dependent on the waiting period of the application. For this reason, applicants should be smart enough to take advantage of strategies that improve their winning odds and helps them beat competition.



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