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A Few Tips on Putting Putting can be tedious and tiresome. Half of your hits come from putts. It’s ironic that it plays such a huge role in golf, but so little emphasis is placed upon it. The two most important factors in having good putting is your stance and stroke Paying attention to your standing position will help you swing the ball along the right path. Not doing so will result in a misaligned stroke, and you will have to swing again. When trying to perfect your stance, pay attention to the following three factors:
Case Study: My Experience With Golf
1. Calibration
Case Study: My Experience With Golf
2. Ball calibration 3. Focusing eyes on the ball Adjust your Alignment First This is actually very easy to do with a little practice. Your stance should be coordinated left of your mark. Try using a post sign rod on a putting green to practice this position. You want to use something that is straight and light weight. You can also use a white chalk line. Find a relative flush area on the putting green. After placing your tee about six feet away from the hole, draw a straight line with a chalk to your target. This is an important step because this line will provide you with a guideline and help you putt straight. Note: Consider building muscle memory by refraining from moving on from that first hit, and instead stepping back and doing the movement over and over so that you can eventually do it perfectly. Next, Adjust your Golf Ball’s Position Some claim that positioning the ball center to the front of your stance is the best placement. Do not use this strategy. If you are right handed, the ideal position for your ball is directly before you, but a bit closer to your left foot. You using this suggestion, your will have an upward swing and your ball will continue to roll in a straight line. Thirdly, Keep your Eyes on the Ball Doing this will actually aid you in your alignment and swing. More than likely, you will swing in the wrong angle by taking your eyes off the ball. To test whether your gaze is correctly aligned above the ball, leave one ball on the ground, take another and bring it up to the tip of your nose, then drop it. The golf ball needs to hit the other ball on the ground. Honestly, practicing these skills will make your game so much better. By taking time to practice your basic moves, you will start to see your scores increase.



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