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The Divorce Laws Men Should Know Marriage is a legal and binding agreement between man and woman to live with each other until they die. On their wedding day, couple profess their vow to live with one another until they die. There are many who happily are able to fulfill these vows that they said. They are able to weather all storms and challenges that come their way. They were able to hold onto their love for one another until they die. On the other hand this is not what other married couples experience as their end as their end happens in a divorce. Divorce is common in Western countries. There are studies that show that the number of married couples filing for divorce has increased. There are now even some states in the US where married couples have the option of filing a no-fault divorce. This means that a wife or a husband can file for a divorce without having to give a reason for it. Among the many divorce cases that are filed in different courts, it is said that majority of these are initiated by the married woman. There are a variety of reasons for the wife initiating the divorce. There are even instances when the married men are shocked to suddenly receive one day divorce papers from his wife.
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One of the things found among the divorce laws is that as a couple divorces, their combined assets are split between both of them. Not only that but the wife too will receive alimony or what they calls spousal support which is financial in nature from her husband. Since child rearing is associated as the responsibility of the wife, child custody is often granted to the wife. But even if she gets to keep the children under her care the man is still of course obliged to give financial support to his children even if they do not live with him anymore. How often he could visit them will also have to be decided in the court. This of course is subject to the agreement of the wife.
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That is why there are some who comment that the divorce laws are biased against men. If you’re a man who has been given divorce papers by your wife you can defend yourself from such bias by hiring a good men’s attorney. Such a lawyer will be well-versed about the rights of men in a divorce proceeding. For example you may think that between you and your wife your children will benefit the most if they are under your care. They are experts on this. They will make sure that you are not at a disadvantage during the divorce proceedings. How do you know where to find such a good lawyer? You may look them up online. You may also find on the web reviews of some lawyers of this specialty. You may also personally ask them the number of wins they had when they represented men in divorce cases. Before booking a certain lawyer ask about the fees of the lawyer so that there will be no surprises for you when your bill from him comes.



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