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Interesting Scholarships to Help Pay for College One of the best things you can do for yourself is get a college education. Gone are the days where there were plenty of good paying jobs for those without a higher education. But college costs a lot of money and many people who have the ambition to go to college find it hard to come up with the money. Fortunately, there are many financial resources for those who need help paying for college. Scholarships are one solution. Many scholarships go overlooked. Universities often extend scholarships to individuals who they believe are extremely promising. They will give scholarships to people who are talented in academics, sports and other areas such as drama. They offer full and partial scholarships as well. These are usually the scholarships that most graduating students focus on. But these aren’t the only type of scholarships available. Don’t just look for the common types of scholarships because you could miss the opportunity to get much needed dough for school. If you don’t have the best GPA and you haven’t participated in many school activities, you can still get a scholarship. The International Group of Tall people give out scholarships to people simply for taking up a lot of vertical space. To be eligible for this scholarship you need to be a man of at least 6’3″ and a woman of at least 5’10». You don’t even have to be abnormally tall.
Lessons Learned from Years with Scholarships
About five years ago, a young woman shot to internet fame after pictures of her duct tape prom dress began circulating around the internet. It was a beautiful dress and really changed the way people looked duct tape. The press was so good that a duct tape company starting offering scholarships to other women wiling to wear a dress made from duct tape.
Where To Start with Funds and More
If you a guy and you have a beard, you may be able to get a scholarship. Believe it or not, there are organizations and clubs for people with beards and they give out scholarships. Different groups have different requirements. Even if you prefer to shave, the chance at getting a scholarship might persuade you to grow your whiskers out. The scholarships I mentioned are just tiny example of the unique scholarships you can find if you search for them. Keep in mind that many of these scholarships won’t cover all of your college expenses. But you don’t only have to get one scholarship. It would be hard to find lots of people who fit all the requirements of the scholarships listed above. It is far easier to get several small scholarships than one full ride scholarship.



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