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Children And Sports Children most love sports as one of the best recreational activities. It not only makes them healthy but is also a fun activity to engage in. It is importance to encourage children to get involved in sport for their physical development. For children to be confident and successful in their careers it is a believe that they must engage in such activities. This writing will look at the modified sport which is perfect for any children and also the benefit of these activities to children’s. Many parents worry about their children health and safety. It therefore become important to consider modifying sport to become more safe for the kids. Differentiating children’s sport fro those done by the adult participates in the modification. The size of the field and the game ground are reduced to enhance safety. One can also deduce the size of the playing balls and equipments. To avoid giving them time to participate in dangerous activities it is important to reduce the time spent in the field. Protective Gears are also of much benefit. There are many sporting activities modified for juniors. These makes modification make them ideal choice for the young athletes. Cricket, Netball, soccer and tee ball are the most popular ones. Equipment modified for playing are also available. Parent therefore have a responsibility of purchasing them. This will increase the juniors safety during play and ensure it becomes more fun for them.
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Teaching children long term character traits should be the objective of parents,coaches and the whole community. It is of much benefit to teaching them about goal setting. Simple moreover, measurable goals should be achieved for example I will be a better player. It is important to be specific in ways to better oneself. Young juniors will, therefore, pot much effort and apply what is learned during practice. Rewarding improving children is another way of motivating them.
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It is important to encourage children to join team sport. When a child joins a team sport that they enjoy this is associated with certain psychological advantages. These is one of the ways to lose excess weight and aid in their self-esteem. It is less likely for teens who are involved in sport to take part in sexual activities until later in life compared with those who don’t as shown by research. Drug abuse is less likely to occur among these teens. These are very crucial to the teens themselves as well as the community they are living in. It is possible for group to interact and socialize in a team. Exchange of idea and national integration is possible. Differences among are done away with in a team thus promoting peace and unity among the children.



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