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Hiring Accident Attorneys: Questions to Ask After an accident, it is prudent to hire an attorney to help you. The attorney will liaise with the insurance company to ensure you are fairly compensated for your injuries. Moreover, the attorney can do the legwork for you such as writing your demand letter, filing a claim and negotiating a settlement. Every city has different attorneys that can handle accident cases. However, you should choose an attorney that can help you get the best settlement from the insurance company. Ask yourself these four questions when evaluating a potential attorney to hire. i) Does the lawyer specifically deal with accident law?
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Ask the attorney whether he/she has specialized in accident law. For example, you may find attorneys that are specialized in divorce, juvenile cases, fraud cases, and others. Attorneys that concentrate in these areas cannot guarantee the best outcome for your case. The best lawyer to hire is one that deals with accidents. This is an attorney specialized in personal injury.
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ii) Is the attorney experienced with accident cases? Find out whether the attorney has been involved in other accident cases in the past. An experienced attorney will be able to negotiate a reasonable settlement with the attorneys of the insurance company. Depending on the strength of your case, the lawyer should know when it is appropriate to accept or reject an offer. Choose an attorney that keeps abreast with the accident laws in your state. You will also be better off with an attorney that wins cases than one that is just getting started. iii) How much will you pay the attorney? Find out how much you will pay the attorney to represent or take over your case. You should know the fees before signing any contracts. Also, find out if the professional offers a payment structure. However, most auto accident lawyers do not charge upfront fees. Instead, the attorneys will request a percentage from the settlement you will be awarded. This is known as a contingency arrangement and is beneficial to both parties. On your side, you can be sure that a professional is handling your case without paying a cent upfront. Moreover, you will not pay if you don’t get awarded a settlement. On the flip side, the lawyer will work hard to ensure you get the best settlement since his/her payment depends on you winning the case. iv) How will the attorney provide updates of the case? Find out how the attorney will inform you of the progress of your case. Some attorneys will want to meet you face to face for updates. Some attorneys may also call or send you an email. Go for an attorney that will not frustrate you by not offering updates. Answering the above questions will help you find an attorney that will help you with the accident case.



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