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What You Should Ask Before Hiring an Accident Attorney When you are involved in a car crash, you should contact an accident lawyer as soon as possible. You can be sure of getting a fair settlement when you hire an attorney to file your claim and do the negotiations on your behalf. You need to research well to find the right attorney to hire. Make sure the attorney you want to hire has handled similar cases in the past and is free to take over the matter. Before you hire an auto injury lawyer, ask the following questions: i) How much will I pay you?
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Check the payment options that the auto accident lawyer has. Majority of auto accident lawyers work on a contingency arrangement. Attorneys that work on a contingency basis will only charge you if you win a settlement. The attorney will not get paid if you don’t get awarded a settlement.
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Find out how much the auto injury lawyer will charge to take over your case. The amount you will pay for the service will be a percentage of the award you will be given. Be ready to pay about 40 percent of the settlement as the attorney fees. You can negotiate the fee with the attorney before signing the job contract. ii) What do you need from me to build my case? Find out whether the attorney needs any information from you to build the case. If there is anything you can do to improve your case, the attorney will inform you. For example, if the attorney is still investigating your accident, he/she may need the names of witnesses you may know. The attorney will also advise you on what to say to the insurance company in case you are contacted. The attorney may also go out of his/her way to gather evidence that will support your case. Some of the evidence may include police reports, video or photographic evidence of the accident, among others. iii) How will I know the progress of the case? Find out how the attorney will keep you updated on any developments regarding your case. Most attorneys will call or email you with new developments. However, there are others that may want to meet you face to face. Ideally, choose an attorney that is flexible with communication. The attorney should also be quick to respond to question you have about the case. Being flexible with your communication is also important. You should be able to reach the attorney through various means whenever you have something new related to the case. You need to research well to find an attorney that will get you the best value for your money and ensure you get the right compensation.



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