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All About Auto Accident Trials An auto accident trial is an opportunity for juries, and in some cases judges, to consider evidence and to decide if the a defendant is negligent by a preponderance of that evidence. This is different than criminal cases where the standard that has to be met is guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Finding someone at fault beyond a reasonable doubt is a much higher standard to meet than finding them at fault by a preponderance of the evidence. Although trials get a lot of attention, the majority of auto accident cases never go to trial. Eight out of 10 auto accident cases reach a settlement outside of court. Below is some information about auto accident cases once they have made it to trial. The beginning of a trial starts with the selection of the jury. Sometimes jury selection isn’t necessary because just a judge decides the outcome of a case. During jury selection, the judge and the attorneys will ask potential jurors questions. As you can imagine, the defendant and the plaintiff each want jurors who will probably see things their way. If they don’t like the way a juror answers a question, they can use one of their challenges and have that juror dismissed. Auto accident attorneys can remove people from the jury pool for any reason including the person age, gender or race.
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The opening statements are next. The opening statements are an opportunity for the bother attorneys to state the facts in the form of a monologue. The plaintiff’s auto accident attorney usually goes first. Because it is the plaintiff’s attorney that has a burden of proof they must meet, unlike the defendant, their opening arguments are usually twice as long as the attorneys representing the defendant.
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Witnesses are called. Plaintiffs have their own witness and defendants have their own witnesses. After one side presents a witness, they are cross-examined by the other side. Witnesses aren’t just the drivers who were involved in the accident; they can include uninvolved people who witnessed the accident, medical experts and car experts just to name a few. Next there are the closing statements. The closing statements are the other bookend to the opening statements. After the final statements have been conclude, the last step is the verdict. It is important to remember that defendants have the right to appeal judgments. If the defendant appeals, things could be extended for many more months. If you have been injured in an auto accident, never try to attempt any stage of an auto accident claim by yourself. Without the expertise of an auto accident attorney, you probably won’t win.



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