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Information about Injury Lawyers Injury lawyers are attorneys who have chosen to focus on helping injured people receive compensation for their injuries. Personal injury lawyers work in the realm of civil law which is much different than criminal law. The biggest difference is that criminal charges are punishable by jail time. When people lose in civil court they are only fined. Personal injury lawyers can handle many different types of accidents. However, it is very common for injury lawyers to have an office that only handles one or maybe two types of accidents. Personal injury law is a broad field and when lawyers handle too many different types of accidents they can’t develop the type of expertise necessary to be great lawyers in any one type of accident case. Some of the cases an injury attorney might handle are animal attacks, automobile accidents and defective products. No matter the type of accident, they are all handled in civil court. However some cases can rise to the level of a criminal act.
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Injury lawyers aren’t paid for their time unless they get a judgment or a settlement in favor of their client. That’s another difference between civil lawyers and criminal lawyers. People charged with crimes need to pay their attorneys ahead of time or be given a public defender. Everybody knows that free attorneys are not as good as paid attorneys. So, in criminal cases, there is definitely a disadvantage for those who do not have a lot of money. However, those in need of a personal injury lawyer do not face the same problem.
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Attorneys who practice civil law are paid in contingency fees. There are levels to contingency fees. The reason for the different levels in contingency fees is that injury cases can be resolved at different stages. Once an injury lawyer takes on a client, they will send a demand letter to the other party on behalf of their client. Sometimes people will pay as soon as they get a demand letter. If a settlement is reached after the demand letter, the client pays the lowest amount of contingency fees. However, if the case goes to trial, the lawyer will receive more in contingency fees because they’ve done much more work. Contingency fees are great because accident victims know that their lawyer will be working hard for them in order to get paid. Contingency fees also cut down on the waste of frivolous lawsuits because injury lawyers have no motivation to take them. But most importantly, contingency fees allow everyone to have their day in court regardless of how much money they can afford for a lawyer.



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