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The UK Immigration Tiers You Need To Know Through the United Kingdom’s special points-based five tier system, people coming from beyond the borders of the European Economic Area can now come to UK for different reasons like study, investment and work. There are five classifications for people applying visa. In order for the applicant’s application to be accepted, he or she must earn a minimum number of points because as the name implies, it’s a points-based system. Points are awarded according to different criteria; the points for a work visa for instance is done based on the age, work experience and other capabilities of the applicant. The Five Tier Classifications Entrepreneur Tier 1 Visa
The Key Elements of Great Experts
This category of visa is for individuals with high net worth or in other words potential investors. Entrepreneurs, investors and people with great talents are covered by this particular tier. Normally, these people no longer need any sponsorship. Although if a person is trying to enter the country and his visa is categorized under the exceptional talent category, he would need an endorsement from a designated competent organization.
The Key Elements of Great Experts
Skilled workers are what visa category number two covers. Foreigners who are initially working on a job offered in UK are included in those who are called skilled worker. In order for the applicant to get his visa, he will need to be sponsored by the prospective employer because one of the requirements is a certificate of sponsorship. A maximum of six years and two months of stay will be given to the applicant with this kind of visa. The third visa category makes it possible for low-skilled workers to get into the country. To fill labor shortages, they issue temporary work permits. Some visas have been awarded through these scheme which is why this particular category under the points-based immigration tier system of UK has been suspended. Tier four is a visa category specifically designed to enable students coming from outside the European Economic Area to pursue their studies in the United Kingdom. Before one can apply for this category of visa; he or she must already have a place with one of the known educational institution prior to the application. This process involves the educational institution being the sponsor of the student and they will have to provide the student a Confirmation of Acceptance of studies. The applicant must be at least sixteen years of age because there is an age criteria. In addition, the applicant must also be able to read, write and speak in English. The applicant should be capable of supporting his stay and afford the course while he is in the United Kingdom. Applicants can apply under the tier five visa category if they are only visiting the country for a short period of time for purposes of gaining work experience or training. There are six subcategories of this particular category. Unless one is under the youth mobility scheme, he will need a certificate of sponsorship.



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