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All About Different Sports All Around the World Math is sometimes called the universal language, but there is a language probably more universal, and that is a love of sports. There are so many great things about sports, but many people love them for their high energy, exciting game play, ability to play even as an amateur, and the pride over having your country or city win against other teams in another city, state or country. We will learn about the different cultures and locations around the world that have different kinds of sports that they play in this article below. First, let us take a look at soccer, or football, as it is called everywhere besides the United States, as it is probably the most popular sport in the entire world. Soccer, or football, is a sport where people use their feet to try to get a ball past the other teams’ opponents and into a net on the opposite end of the field. Players also obviously want to prevent the other team from scoring. To see who the best team in the world is, every few years there is a World Cup which is a competition between all countries who want to participate. It seems soccer has been around for at least three thousand years, which is quite a long time. A sport that got its start in the United States is baseball, though this sport is also popular around the world. A hitter tries to score a run by getting a ball past the players of the other team, who surround a diamond and the outfield. The players in the outfield have mitts while the base runner starts by hitting the ball with a bat and then drops the bat to run around the field. In the late 19th century is when baseball came about after the Civil War in the United States, so it is quite young compared to the history of soccer.
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Basketball players can only use their hands instead of only using their feet, but is a bit similar in fashion to soccer as the players are trying to work together to get a ball from one end of the playing court to the other and into a net to score against the other team, and trying to prevent the opposing team from doing the same to then. In the mid to late 19th century is when basketball was invented, so in the history of the United States, it was around the same time that the sport of baseball was invented as well.
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Now you know a bit more about a few different sports around the world, when they were invented and how they are played.



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