3 Ways to Avoid Parking Lot Flooding

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There are a lot of rumors about how and why some parking lots have a tendency to turn into small lakes after significant rainfall. Excess water floating around parked cars can be a safety hazard and cost thousands of dollars in damages. Here are three ways to avoid parking lot flooding altogether to keep your customers safe.

Make Sure Your Drains are Clean

If a parking lot is flooding, it is most likely because the drains located across it aren’t doing their jobs properly. Often times after a big storm, large pieces of debris will fall into drains. In time, this debris prevents excess water from traveling down the pipes in a timely manner, causing runoff that will pool in the lot. A clean and clear drain makes it easy for water to sink into and travel away from the parking lot.

Make Sure You Have Simple Barriers

When talking about a parking lot, something as simple as a concrete curb can make a world of difference when it comes to the threat of flooding. The barriers will prevent any water that fell outside the lot from freely flowing in and adding to the water level. This way, the only issue at hand is the rain that has fallen in the lot, which can be easily dispersed through a functioning drainage system.

Make Sure Your Lot is Level

An uneven lot that dips in the center will greatly affect the way and speed at which the lot drains itself. If there is no proper draining system, the water will remain pooled in the center of the lot and may start to generate algae and other dangers of still water. A successful parking lot will have its highest point in the center, and several clear drains around the perimeter.

The constant threat of flooding in a parking lot is bad for business, and may prevent customers from visiting at all. Take some simple steps today to avoid disaster in the future. If you have any questions, or need help making some improvements on your parking lot, call or visit the greasemania.com.



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